Friday, 18 February 2011

Fancy Gifts

Like I said, a lot of Fancy Therapy time goes into learning how to help H not be a dope. FT wanted to know what H got me for Valentine’s. I actually peed myself. “Are you joking?” I asked Rainman. Here’s what our “gift exchange” was like:

With great ado, I reached into my bag while we were waiting for our starters. I handed him an envelope marked #1. “Do you know where this is?”
“Uh, England. I’m saying England.” That’s a reasonable guess. Fine.

“Number 2?”

“That’s a cooking course! I’m going on a cooking course!” Brilliant.

"Okay, Fine. Still no clue? Here's #3."

“Wow! Am I going to Raymond Blanc’s cooking school? I didn’t even know he had one.”

“Not just that! We’re going for the whole weekend! We’re eating in his restaurant twice and cooking all morning. I got us a suite. And the kids are staying in London with the Nannies!” (I actually had booked a 2nd room for Nanny #2 but realized that asking her to come with us and spend 2 days chasing toddlers around a Fancy Hotel is just mean. She’d rather be home, where the baby gates and high chairs are, don’t you think? We’re only an hour away for heaven’s sake.)

“That’s a great present. Oh that’s going to be really, really awesome. Thanks!”

Sitting back I waited, knowing what was coming but needing him to say it.
“And me?”

“Um, I have an idea! Why don’t you come with me on the course?” he exclaimed with almost believable surprise at his sudden brilliance.

“Dude. It’s a romantic weekend away. I’m going with you, by definition.”

 “Ha. Well then I guess it’s really a gift for both of us isn’t it? How about I pay for your half and that’s my gift.” And then with a look of complete self-satisfaction he tucked into his terrine.

FT has a lot of work to do, hasn’t he?

By the way, don't let Kate's amazing post put you off! The Giveaway is still open through the weekend. Show me your Fancy!


  1. I peed myself, too. Hillarious post.

  2. I hope you actually said "Dude" to him. I mean in that tone, like "really, really?". It cracks me up thinking of that. :-)

  3. Well now, I guess you will have to buy a fancy necklace to wear on your weekend,

  4. That's a very fancy treat indeed, have you been on the weekend? As to the baby butt cream I say give it a go! Won't look so fancy on your dressing table so it might have to have a disguise...It's sod's law the good stuff makes your skin break out! x

  5. I hope you actually said "Dude" to him. I mean in that tone, like "really, really?". It cracks me up thinking of that. :-)