Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fancy Time Management

Hi. My name is Frau Fancy. And it has been 44 days since my last blog entry.

I suck.

I was busy okay? And then I kept thinking, oh tomorrow I'll go see what's happening out there in Bloggy Land. But then tomorrow would come and it was 4pm before I saw a computer and Fancy here thought, oh jeez, tomorrow for sure.

And 43 days went by.

What could possibly have taken so long? Well, I'll tell you.

Firstly, I decided to take the Minis for 3 weeks to visit family in the States. What? No, don’t be ridiculous. We did not fly Cheap Ass Anything. In fact, the best line from that trip was something like:

“Fancy, may I call you Fancy? The Minis seem to be snoring quietly in Economy Plus while your Nanny is watching a movie. Can I get you another glass of champagne?”

Yes, I was that mother on this trip. But c’mon. I had 2 free upgrades. They were only for Economy Plus. And I need to keep my tier points. Anyhoo.

Once we got home, I let Nanny #1 do the time change thing while I caught up with old friends. Once the kids were sorted, I flew her back to London for 10 days because frankly, I didn’t need any of that Grandma-Nanny drama. Don’t you agree?

Of course that meant I had no Nanny. And we all know how much better hired help is than the volunteer kind. Hence my silence.

Finally, we enjoyed a quiet trip back, pram safely tucked into the First Class closet, Fancy here watching a movie while the Minis slept the whole way home. Next to Nanny #1. Because we flew her back to the States to pick us up.

Yes, Fancy here is nothing if not well-prepared.

Once we touched down, I let Nanny #1 stuff us into a taxi before heading home for a day of well-deserved rest. Babysitter #1 met us at the door, beside herself with excitement about seeing the girls. And then I spent the day unpacking. That’s a lie. I caught up on household bills and mail while Fancy PA unpacked me. And the repacked me. Because 21 hours later I was flying to the Continent. For a birthday party.

Hey, why not?

And so ends my month of “no time to blog.” 

I, Fancy, will try to manage my time better. Apologies. Perhaps I should hire a Fancy Blog Prodder?


  1. So, when do I interview for the position of fancy blog prodder?
    Happy to see you're back, glad it wasn't due to the apocalyptic tragic scenario I was imagining!

  2. Very happy you are back and cannot believe you managed 3 weeks in the States. Three days and I've had enough of the place. So uncivilised. Unless of course you are in Manhattan, or the Hamptons, or better yet on the Vineyard.

  3. Please tell me why I'm stuck here in LA while you fly around the world maintaining your fabulous airline status? Please can we switch places?

  4. Outrageous! ..... not the children bit just the lack of blogging!

  5. Great to see you back! I was worried after your last post about the decorator and curtains! ;0)
    Hope you had a fun time!

  6. I'm so glad us less experienced ones have you to learn from about how things oughta get done. We missed you - welcome back! Truffle

  7. I think you need a ghost blogger. We'll tawk...

  8. Lovely to have you back n' all, but what's the latest on the curtains?! I've been reading the same post for 43 days now...

  9. Um, I have naked windows. Naked. Bear naked. I've decided to approach this with less urgency and more brains...and I didn't pay for the yellow monsters either.

  10. I didn't even realize that people would leap to the conclusion that I hung myself from a yellow curtain...

  11. I know. No one was hurt by it more than I...

  12. Um, I'm not really a S.Cal girl. But if you relocate to NY, drop me a line and we'll chat.

  13. Oh, well there was Manhattan. And there's something to be said for going to Walmart and rediscovering your roots...

  14. I apologize for your worries. I can only imagine what yellow curtains, home decoration and a several week absence could have possibly meant from your perspective.