About Me

I'm a reluctantly almost middle age professional woman, wife to a workaholic and mother to two beautiful little girls. I have found myself in the "privileged" position of being able to step back from my career to focus on my family. And am yet another "ex-pat" living in London, like a colonist come home. I have a public platform in my real life, that is admittedly not as big as I'd like, but still large enough that I can't really share the details of my home life in great depth, as it would render me unrelatable. To many people, anyone with money is an asshole by default. But I've only got the "rich" part right so far. It's the "asshole" I'm struggling with. So this is my blog, hidden under layers of half-truths and psuedonyms, in the hopes that someone will find humour in my ridiculous journey toward a Rich Asshole's life.