Monday, 10 January 2011

Stylish AND Fancy?

Well now. Apparently someone out there thinks I’m Stylish. She apparently didn’t see me this morning when my attire consisted entirely of Old Navy sweats. No bra. But since I’m not one to disappoint, I rallied this afternoon, hitting the post office in some combination of designer and the Gap, which gives me the desired “she’s clearly Fancy but oh so effortless” look that I continually strive for. Anyway, THANK YOU Mrs. Tuna, for heaping praise on me and awarding me a Stylish Blogger Award.

The rules aren’t terribly difficult. Unless you are me. Let’s see: 1) Thanks and linkage back to my pal. No problem. 2) Share 7 things about myself. Only 7? Fine. I’ll self-edit. 3) Award 15 recently discovered bloggers and 4) contact them and tell them that they, too, are Stylish.

Okay, this is where I stumble. I’m new to this Mummy Blogging world. I have trouble finding time in my Fancy life to talk about myself, let alone go find out what everyone else is doing, although I do try. But sometimes I stumble onto a blog with more than a gazillion followers and I wonder what rock I’ve been living under. How did I survive so many years without knowing about this alternative universe living in my computer? Okay, 15 blogs is probably manageable even for me. But did I recently discover them or are they newly discoverable? Is this like me suddenly announcing that the sky is blue?
So, with all that in mind, I accept my award with grace and humility. And I will list the required blogs and hope that you, my new friends, don’t snicker at my innocence. Of course, if you think I’m missing anyone, by all means, fill me in! But first, pay close attention to the following 7 Fancy Facts:
  • I grind my teeth. Especially when I’ve been drinking. But when H complains, I simply retaliate with, “at least I don’t snore! Do you know how hard your heart and lungs are having to work against your redundant soft tissues of you throat? Eat more fruit!”
  • I once cried over a bag of marshmallows. I had just graduated university and I went on a diet. Said diet allowed me 2 marshmallows in the afternoon. My sister ate my marshmallows. I was very sad.
  • I have 2 herniated discs in my back. And every time I did a round of IVF, my back went out. So add that to my list of infertility pain.
  • I played Mary in our school nativity play when I was 6. My mother made my costume. I reused it when I had to play Clara Barton the following year. Just slapped some red tape on my back and suddenly I was the Red Cross.
  • My parents bought me liposuction one year for a present. I had an “abnormal area of fatty hypertrophy.” It was a good Christmas.
  • I make condiment sandwiches. Because with bread and relish and HP sauce, who needs the added calories of cheese and meat?
  • I have one bunion. It’s very small and probably not noticeable to anyone. Except me. 

Oh, Jesus. I just reread all that. I definitely do not sound Fancy or Stylish. God help me. Well, let that be a lesson to you. Fancy is what is on the outside, not on the inside. And there is apparently nothing that a Fancy Therapist, a Fancy Stylist and a Fancy plastic surgeon can’t overcome. Christ.
And here is my list of lovely bloggers. But don't get your panties in a bunch if I didn't name you. Or get annoyed at me that I did. I am a freshman. A bumbling fool, if you will. I like you all!


  1. Oh my God that sounds like a lot of thinking...but the dangling of a stylish carrot in front of my nose may just win out...Thanks for the tag lovely! x

  2. What 7 whole things? lol - I am on it.
    thanks for the tag xxx

  3. Who says bunions can't be fancy?

    Thanks for the nod! I appreciate the award very much. Now, off to wash my sweats.

  4. I have an extra bone in my foot. I believe that makes me fancy.

  5. I didn't think marshmellows are very fancy. Glad I gave you the award too.

  6. Your choice of clothing sounds like mine!!!! Except ... I go for pajama pants 9 times out of 10 tucked into my ugg boots. Oh yes ... I am one rockin' hot Momma in the pick up and drop off lane at school!!!

  7. Thanks for the award....I love relish sandwiches too and think exactly the same, why add more calories to it! ;)

  8. Thanks for considering me as Stylish (chortles), condiment sandwich - hmmm - how odd. ;-)

  9. Very well deserved. You ARE stylish and fancy. Thanks for passing along the award. I'm not so stylish or fancy, but I'll take what I can get!!

  10. Great post. Hello from a fellow tooth-grinder. Drives other half mad.

  11. I think you're especially stylish whilst nicking red wine off everyone's tables. ;)

    Thanks for the task, I shall put my mind to it asap!

  12. Thanks so much for saying I'm Stylish but you should see me on the school run of a morning - it's not a pretty sight! Hair like a rat's nest etc

    Emma at

  13. To check out my answers please pop over here

  14. Stylish is actually my gangsta rapper name, so this is a very apt tagging. Many thanks. x

  15. Oh Fancy One ... I submit my homework

    Forgive my tardiness x