Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Why Fancy Can’t Delegate

H has a saying that rings particularly true this morning: Don’t underestimate the stupidity of others. Just when you think someone can’t be that dumb, it turns out they are even dumber than you’d imagined. I’m not joking. It’s 9 am. Here’s how my day is going so far.

About 2 hours ago the ringing of my mobile woke me. Blocked call. Curious. So I answered. It was British Airways. Did I have all of my luggage from December 17?

“Why, no, I’m still missing a travel cot. It went to the Repatriation Department on Dec 31.”
“Oh, yeah. Is it a Phil & Ted cot, packed into a black duffel bag, with like a little red Phil & Ted tag on the side?”
“Why, yes, yes it is,” I answered.

Guess what folks! My Fancy Cot just returned yesterday from another trip to The Continent! Seems it somehow made it from the courier service back to Heathrow. Then some kind soul put it on an airplane! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

I was in a jolly mood after that, laughing at BAA’s complete incompetence. Until my groceries arrived. My first thought was: oh, shit. I really have to stop ordering groceries when I’ve been drinking. But no, my receipt clearly says that I requested Skinny Cow ice cream bars. And those are supposed to be bananas. Nice, ripe bananas. It’s kind of exciting here now. The Fancies don’t usually eat frozen and breaded proteins. Curious to see how the girls’ systems react to Common Food.

And yes, this is why I have trouble delegating responsibility.  


  1. And skinny cow ice cream is wrong why?

  2. Skinny Cow is awesome! But when I want fake ice cream, I don't want to open my fridge and see 7 boxes of fish fingers! Crikey!!

  3. I say screw it and take the risk ... and keep ordering groceries while you have been drinking!!! When they show up ... it is like Christmas morning for ya! Not sure what you are gonna get!!!


  4. That's A LOT of omega 3s right there!!! x

  5. PS - I'm all for online grocery shopping. They deliver it onto the kitchen bench and for that alone the delivery fee is worth it (I live on top of a mountain...) BUT I cannot order fruit or meat this way. I need to eyeball it to be happy. x

  6. My problem with online shopping is that I have no idea of how big 45g is or what 600 ml means. SO I always end up with three buckets of cream for the dish that needs 3 tablespoons, or one little packet of snack-a-jack rice cakes when I wanted the large multi pack. but still I persist and still my family sits patiently waiting for the surprise that is the Ocado delivery.

    Fish fingers (fishsticks!!) remind me of my childhood. I used to eat them with a squirt of lemon concentrate from the lemon shaped squeezy thing. Yum! You'll cope ;)