Friday, 25 March 2011

Fancy’s Favorite Store

Whenever I come home to the US, I usually bring an empty suitcase. If it’s Vegas, it’s the Manolo shop in the Wynn, from New York City I drain Soho and from anywhere else, well, it’s my favorite store in the whole world. I think you’re going to like this one. I think all of us can afford to do some Fancy Shopping. Any idea where Frau Fancy whips out the Platinum Card and indulges herself in an old-fashioned free-for-all?

Left the Mini Fancies with the ever-more haggard grandparents, borrowed the car and headed out to the shoppes. Now, America is all about the Mall, but that wasn’t where I was headed. Oh yes, there was a Mall across the street and my destination was lying in an ocean of mini-marts, strip malls and automotive shops. But it didn’t take me long to find it. I mean, next to the Golden Arches, I believe Fancy’s Favorite Store has one of the most recognizable logos in the US of A. And the parking lot! Choices abound! I love America.

I was so pleased to see rows of brand new and very modern—and very huge-- shopping carts. Grabbing one, I headed straight up the spacious and sparkling clean aisles towards the Ladies Clothing. There’s really no need to try anything on in a place like this and I started piling my cart high with T-shirts, workout gear and underwear.

Off to the Children’s section, I scored the softest of little shirts and cute, brightly colored skirts. On my way, I even spotted some toddler snacks for the plane ride and threw those in too.

Easter Candy, Aquaphor, giant bottles of ibuprofen. Diet root beer, cake mix and mascara. There’s even a liquor section! I mean seriously. If I wanted to buy a canoe, I could buy myself a friggin canoe there.

When I got to checkout, the woman looked at my cache and remarked, “My, you must have a lot of children.”

“Just stocking up,” I said, as she bagged the sippy cups and raincoats. “We don’t have a Target where I live.”

Yea, that’s right. Target is where the Fancies fill their everyday needs. Even H has given up Hugo Boss underwear in favor or Merona. Are you shocked? Why? Why would I spend $200 on a white T-shirt when I have two toddlers? Well I do anyway. But I don’t wear that shirt during the day. You do know that you can pair a Converse shirt with a Prada bag and look excellent, don’t you? So get out there, my friends, and live today like a Fancy. Bullseye!


  1. I so knew you were talking about target by the second paragraph. I love and miss target greatly. I don't understand why it doesn't take over Europe in its bid for world domination.

  2. Target. Heavy sigh. I miss it so...