Friday, 19 August 2011

A Fancy Man Surrender

So the update on “Operation Fancy Man” is that he now has a closet containing clothes that 1) fit and 2) aren’t full of holes. And while he won’t admit it I do believe H is enjoying having nice things to wear. He’s got a little more of a bounce in his step. After all, looking good always makes you feel good. In the same way that perky boobs make for a perky woman. At least that is what my mother always said when stressing the value of a good bra. Anyhoo, I digress.

I will admit that I’m slightly shocked that this once proud Metrosexual has allowed me and Fancy PA to completely take over his wardrobe. On one hand, I do have a pretty good idea of his likes and dislikes (yes to pink, no to white collars, yes to cuffed trousers, no to turtlenecks: “I look like a stuffed sausage!”). On the other, he is a man who knows what he likes. But I think he’s really appreciating how much time and effort I’ve spent trying to make his outside match the man on the inside.

And that’s not been the only surprise. Here’s a recent dinner conversation:

“Um, that’s a nice shirt. Where’d you get it?” I asked, enjoying a fabulous scallop starter at Massimo.

H looked up and stared at me for a moment. “You. You bought it.”

“Oh no, sir. I absolutely did not. Check the label, where’s it from?”

A quick peek inside the collar revealed the source: TM Lewin.

“Darling, I’ve never set food inside that shoppe. Never.” Giggles gave way to outright laughter, which became hysterical weeping. “The dry cleaners must have had a really big shirt and assumed it belonged to us!” I howled.

H started laughing too. “Ha ha! And that would explain that circus tent red striped thing I found in my closet too! Ha ha ha!!!”

“What?” I asked, suddenly straight faced. “No, that one I bought.”

“Oh,” he replied, suddenly very interested in his pasta. “Oh, it’s nice.”

Smart man, eh?


  1. He is indeed a very smart man.

    I love your story about the dress as scarf whilst catching the flight on the crapola airline too!

  2. yes, we Fancies are just all fashion all the time. :-)

  3. oh yes a very smart man, well trained...

  4. Haha, this made me laugh. I swear my husband and I have had the same conversation, minus the cleaner of course!

  5. Kevin is the ultimate metrosexual and I don't have the confidence to buy clothes for him. I def have the nine year old girl penchant for big prints and sequins and he always keeps it quieter. My memories of Sat when Harley was born was walking the inner sanctums of men's stores in London and me sitting waiting, total role reversal...

  6. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Smart man, indeed. I buy all of my bloke's clothes (if I didn't he would look like a complete ragamuffin circa 1988) and he wears anything, as long as it's not a stripy shirt that looks like pyjamas. It's his only rule. I would love to shop for him more often, but I'm not really allowed to. Simply because my own personal rule is that if I buy him something, I have to buy myself something....and I like nice things. Fancy things.

  7. Then can you get him to shop for you too?