Thursday, 25 November 2010

A Fancy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day to my fellow Americans! However, it is quite likely that the only people reading this (optimistically speaking, someone will be reading this) aren't American at all. The Americans are in the kitchen, slaving away over a turkey that will likely be dry (not mine though!), cranberry sauce that no one will eat (again, except for mine) and a pumpkin pie that will top the day's calories right over the 4000 mark. But just in case you are feeling pilgrimish today, I wanted to put down in writing my thanks this year.

Today I was straightening the downstairs (because there hasn't been a housekeeper here since Tuesday and she doesn't come back until tomorrow! The shame!) and lined up two little pairs of size 2 shoes, gold in color with little tiny bows. They are standing under two pink winter coats with little ears, size 12-18 months.

I went upstairs and straightened up my room since there is likely to be at least one person at our dinner party tonight who wants a tour of the house. (If I don't offer, they'll probably sneak around my Fancy house anyway between courses.) I stacked up all the incredibly dorky chess strategy books that my husband keeps in the bathroom and next to his bed. And noticed that he hung up his towel and picked up his clothes today. I asked him to do his part today before going to the office and he clearly took notice. That may not seem like much to you, but to me nothing says I love you like picking up after yourself.

And now I am sitting in my living room, looking out at my beautiful terrace and all the dishes I've placed on the garden table to keep cold until I can get them into the oven or on the table. And I'm reading emails from my family, who are all together back home and whom I miss very much.

And now I've got to put this computer down and get myself looking at least a little bit Fancy because a group of dear friends, both old and new will be joining us this evening. H bought some fine red wine in magnums, so it will either be a drunken brawl in my living room or just a lot of fun and laughter.

And for all this, I am so very, very thankful.

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  1. Have a wonderful evening. I imagine your house is beautiful. I love showing people round my house even though I'm not particularly house proud.

    CJ xx