Monday, 15 November 2010

Keeping Fancy Real

The release of Rachel and Paul Chandler (from their horrible, dumb, idiotic Somali pirate captors. Seriously. What do you people think you are going to accomplish? World domination? Give me a break.) is a miracle, to say the least. And as I watched the news playing out at the gym today I thought about what their lives will be like from here on out. I highly doubt that they will ever take anything for granted ever again.
It's a lesson we all need reminding of: that "things" are fleeting and what is really important in life is family, love, friends, relationships, kindness towards others and all that other Sunday School stuff. H and I didn't grown up with oodles of money and we talk constantly about how to teach our girls to have good values when they are surrounded by such privilege. I'm deathly afraid I'll have a child who refuses to go on a date because the restaurant isn't Fancy or he drives a used car. (Although if that keeps them virgins, I'll take it.)
That said, it's probably just as important that we focus on our own perspectives and the girls' will follow. I actively work to keep my feet firmly planted in reality. It's not easy. Here's an actual conversation at our dinner table a few weeks back:

Guest: My wife and I are on the waiting list for a stuffed peacock. It costs about $50,000. We've always wanted a stuffed peacock.

Me: Oh that's really lovely. We'd love to come see your peacock one day. How very interesting.

Fast forward 12 hours.

Me: H! Holy Christ. Tell me we're never going to own a stuffed peacock, talk about owning a stuffed peacock or hang out with people who collect stuffed peacocks. What the F*&#? How much money do they have?

Do you see what I mean?

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  1. I thought really rich folks has peacocks parading the grounds calling to each other and 'presenting' on command. Stuffed peacock sounds like a fancy dish served on special occasions.