Thursday, 11 November 2010

How Fancies Go To Work

I am off on a business trip today! Yes, still clinging to those last little bits of life I see in my career, despite its agonal respirations and gray pallor. Normal people would leave their children in the care of their spouse, or possibly their mother when they travel for work (or pleasure, for that matter). Not Fancy People. No, Fancy People don’t have husbands who say, “Sure, Hon! I’d love to watch the kids while you pursue outside interests!” Ha. That would be funny. H announced that he was off to some banking town on The Continent just as I was packing. That’s not very helpful, is it? Fortunately, Fancy Wives have back-up plans. Or, actually, if I think about it, the girls’ father is the back-up plan. Plan A doesn’t take him into account at all.
So here’s how I plan for a 3-day trip out of town: Nanny A is here from 8 to 6 during the day. Nanny B arrives at 6pm to do baths and bedtime and sleeps downstairs until Nanny A returns in the morning. Babysitter 1 is covering the next night because Nanny B has school in the morning. (At least I have educated nannies!) Nanny A returns Friday, Nanny B that night and Nanny C comes in on Saturday to take over. Babysitter 2 is on call in case of disaster. Fancy Me comes home Saturday night. A list of phone numbers is on the fridge (paediatrician, neighbour, plumber—important people).
No, I know it’s not perfect. There is no one who loves and cares for your children like your spouse or your family. But my family is in the US. H’s live across the Channel. If I want to continue to cling to the bits and pieces of my career that I still have, this is how I do it. At least I know H will be home the rest of the week and weekend. His best friend is showing up Thursday and the two of them will probably sit upstairs gorging on steaks, drinking fine wines and gossiping like a couple of old women. Men are all the same, Fancy or not.


  1. What an incredibly fancy life you really do lead. This sounds very much like my own - just without all the nannies and erm, fancy bits!

  2. You are fancy. Hot Cross Mum said it all: I'm just like you without all the frills.