Tuesday, 3 May 2011

10 Fancy Rules

My pal Moomser apparently doesn’t have enough on her plate, what with kids, a sick husband and traffic in Italy. (That’s a story: hey H, would you rather feed and bathe the children and police them in this hotel or return the rental car in central Rome? Yes, that was Fancy, screeching around the Colosseum, swear words flying.) No, the woman also wants to take on a new meme. 10 things she’d like her children to know.

I’m not sure I can stop at 10. I mean I have to, so I will. But  the Minis have years and years of listening to their mother’s rants about the world, human nature and British Telecom ahead of them. But a quick 10? To warm up? Alrighty I’ll try.

1)   Money isn’t everything. It’s a nice thing to have but it also creates a different set of burdens and worries. People without enough of it have problems that you can’t understand. But don’t make all your big decisions in life based on it.

2)   Having money doesn’t make you better than other people. Working your hardest in school, always doing your best, realizing your dreams and being nice to people along the way? Well, that does.

3)   Don’t count on an inheritance. That’s not really our financial priority.

4)   Don’t be a snob. People hate snobs. Sometimes the best vacation is camping and McDonald’s can hit the spot. Just because something costs more money doesn’t make it better. 

5)   He’s just not that into you. If he is, you’ll know it.

6)   The man you want in life is kind, smart and funny. He is  hard working and has goals. But be very careful if he consistently confuses the words “goal” and “money.” 

7)   Speaking of your future man, they kind of man you want isn’t looking for a well-tanned beach bum without an education or personal accomplishments. At least not for the long term.

8)   You never know who will have your back and who will stab it. Except for your family. We always have your back. Be kind to us.

9)   On the same token, you never know who will be there for you when you really need them, so treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect. Unless they work for BT. They will never be there for you so don’t worry about it.

10)  Vodka. Not gin.  

I am exhausted. Here we are still working on “don’t touch Mommy’s Mings!” and I’ve gone all deeply philosophical about character and personal qualities and good martinis. Knackered. Must go rub my face in my cashmeres and recharge. 


  1. Great list Frau Fancy. At the risk of sounding old, I don't think many young girls I've met in our big city have been told any of this, and I wish they had.


  2. Thanks Fancy! You're awesome! Also, vodka, noted.

  3. Some very sound advice there. I'm intrigued though...What on earth did BT do to you?

  4. Fantastic list....I especially agree with the vodka over gin.

  5. I like it! I'd add: Try the things he likes, but they don't have to become your things. And if he doesn't want to try your things some of the time, he deserves you none of the time.

  6. great list! PMSL at the BT comment and I'd like to second that but also add call centre advisors at Sky (I can say that with confidence as I used to be one).

  7. I'm a gin person myself, but only after 5 pm!! I'm with Claire and the Sky call centre advisors, having had a non conversation with them for over an hour last night. Is it 5 pm yet?

  8. absolutely to the camping :-)

    and yes, mcdonalds does sometimes hit the spot, but only sometimes mind....

  9. If only my family had my back...but nope!

    Sometimes McDonald's fries really is the only thing I crave. Too bad I won't let my kid eat there, hence why I can't eat my fries...

  10. I wish I knew you when I was younger. It would have saved a lot of gin-induced drunken tears and terrible hangovers. x

  11. I love #3 and #10 perfect life lessons!

  12. Fantastic list....I especially agree with the vodka over gin.