Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fancy Destinations

I think Fancy here has some work to do. If anyone can tell me how, in Blogger, to allow myself to comment on your comments, that would be lovely. I could then hire someone to fix that right up for me. But until then:

Moomser! 10 days is what we’re taking. Then we’re coming home and H and I are off for another vacation without children. Yes. Or at least Fancy here is taking another vacation without children. Whether H makes the trip, well that remains to be seen. The problem with going away for any longer is that it upsets my carefully balanced Fancy Life. The Minis have to miss art class, music class, Gymboree, group picnics and whatever other awesome shit Nanny #1 has planned. H would have a Heart Attack if I travelled with more than one Nanny, so guess who is working weekend and nights when we’re off on holiday? Yes, that is right. Fancy is. And what about my Fancy Trainer or my Fancy Colourist? They’d be neglected. And then there is FT! Can’t rely on hotel Internet when it comes to Fancy Therapy Videochats!

So, you see, my life is just too Fancy for a 3 week holiday. Too many people depend on me for their incomes. It’s a big responsibility. Can’t just dash off to the beach for a month…

But if I could! Well, now, Kate Takes 5 is asking us where in the world we’d like to go.  So for Fancy’s turn at this week’s Listography, I bring you Five Fancy Fantasy Travels. Yes, I can afford to go anywhere, which means this list is really, really a Fancy Fantasy.

  • Antarctica. I would love to go all the way to the South Pole. But it will never happen. Our friends went and apparently you have to get on a boat and spend several days wrapped in waterproof Eskimo gear, pitching to and fro as the ship captain—to whom you have entrusted your life—attempts to avoid icebergs and whales and giant storms. H saw their holiday photos and just snorted. No. That’s definitely not in my future.
  • The Bronx. I lived in New York for years. But we were the sort of people who left Manhattan by jet plane. (Which technically means I had to get to Queens.) Once a year we were obligated to visit friends in Brooklyn. I visited Harlem once by accident when I got on the wrong subway. But The Bronx, never got there. I’d just like to see it once. 
  • Camping. Anywhere. Like with a tent. Bathing in a creek. Drinking beer and cooking over an open flame. Just for a couple days. It would bring back so many childhood memories. I brought it up once and H replied, “Are you shitting me? Sleep in the dirt? If I leave my shoes outside the tent will some wild animal make sure they are spit shined for me by morning? No way. No.”
  • African Safari. Maybe someday. But for now I’m to be content with DisneyWorld’s Animal Kingdom where, apparently, monkeys won’t “sneak into our tent and steal our wallets.”
  • And finally, Sesame Street. I want to meet fabulous celebrities while my children are entertained by Elmo. For real. Not just in my living room every evening, like we do now. I mean, I feel so close to Beyonce and Ricky and Norah now, having them in my home twice a day, every day, day in and day out…

So there you have it. Places you probably won’t be seeing Frau Fancy. Although a girl can always dream….


  1. Ok - a couple of things.

    Have you heard of "glamping"? It is luxury camping where there is a pre set up tent with a proper bed and bathroom. H might go for that - there is a place in WA called El Questro where you can do it - and lots of other places I am sure. You can still swim in waterholes etc but there is a 5 star restaurant too. If all else fails and you are ever in WA, feel free to pitch a tent in our back paddock... (and I would happily take the nanny off your hands for a few days)

    I would love to got to Antarctica. Am planning a trip when my kids are much bigger.

    And lastly - to comment on comments I just view my blog and post a comment like anyone else. I am hopeless with computers so whenever I can't do anything I google the question and some lovely tech boffin has always got a youtube video for me to watch.

    As usual, loved your post.

    Take care
    PS - And no, under no circumstances will there be any hot pink in my kitchen in any permanent fixture at all...!

  2. Ex lax took Master and Miss Mac camping last Summer. They lasted one night. It rained and he'd set the tent up near some trees. All the spiders and bugs were overjoyed to find somewhere warm and dry to shelter.

    I do the same as A Farmers Wife does with regard to comments although I've seen some people have set it up so that they can post their reply under each individual comment, if you find out how to do that, I'd love to know.

  3. Antartica!! I forgot that one.

    I am doing the same just commenting as another commenter. There must be a way of being able to reply individually but I haven't worked it out yet.

  4. Camping in a tent?? I direct you to the Button Family blog who recently camped in a hurricane!

    I would like to go on a safari too, as long as its one where you get to spend a week in an exotic beach hut afterwards.

  5. I want to go camping too, but other half flatly refuses. He had a bad experience as a child (involved rain & a rising river from what I can understand). If it ain't got a mini/bar & spa - he ain't interested. Currently looking for campsite with ready-made tents including minibar, complimentary toiletries and room-service.

    Lovely post as per usual :0)

  6. Well here I comment on your comments. Apparently we're all in the same boat. Thanks for the lovely comments upon which I am now commenting in the hopes that you'll be able to comment on my comments regarding your comments. Seriously though, I'll be investigating the glamping! Wow!

  7. For the African safari with wild animals you are welcome to come to mine for dinner anytime.

    For the comment comments blogger hasn't gone there yet the blogs that have that feature are usually wordpress. I downloaded a thingamajig widget that allows me to reply more quickly to comments (at the end of all the comments not individual comments) and as soon as I remember how the heck I did it will pass on info.

    Re. your holidays: you are a true altruist!

  8. I have the same reaction as H to camping. Not my thing at all.

    As for the commenting problems, try deleting your cookies. Blogger had a problem but fixed it, but your computer probably still thinks the problem is there. It worked for me anyway the other week.

  9. I'm glad I'm not alone in my dislike for camping.,.too much nature for me outside. Now, glamping I might be willing to try!

  10. Think H and my OH would get along. He's a campsite dodger too. Do they still do that '12345,' song in Sesame Street with the pinball machine? If so I'm in.

  11. Lovely and rather odd list. Thanks for sharing.
    Re. commenting - I have just installed Disqus on the advice of twitter. I nearly shat myself but it was actually very easy. Good luck!

  12. I have the same reaction as H to camping. Not my thing at all.

    As for the commenting problems, try deleting your cookies. Blogger had a problem but fixed it, but your computer probably still thinks the problem is there. It worked for me anyway the other week.