Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fancy Gets Around

I forgot to tell you! I was In The Powder Room yesterday. Here's my link.


Yes, I actually sat down in the shoppe and wept openly until I found myself sitting in a taxi with a full dinner service. And okay, so they got some items wrong and I wound up with a bright red coffee mug holder rather than a salt and pepper shaker but, hey.

Fancy Waterworks. They are highly effective.


  1. Oh yes, I would have been squirming and ever so slightly sweating

  2. Inspired Fancy! Possibly the one thing we Brits can't cope with and will do anything to avoid.

    I want to go and cry in a shop, now all I need is an excuse .....

  3. Way to get innovative! Loved it!

  4. Your blog is a constant fount of knowledge. How did I ever live without you? Next time I make it over to Britain I am going to be crying left, right and center.
    "But, sniff, sob, the travel agent assured me we would get an upgrade on our room waaaaaaaaah!"

  5. Oh, and you DO get around! Though when I read the title I did get a little worried....