Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fancy Facts

I’ve been trying to come up with a list of 7 Fancy Facts you don’t know about me. But it’s not so easy. First Moomser awarded me the Versatile Blogger, which demands these 7 fascinating insights into my Fancy Self. Then Team O’Toole tagged me with The Lovely Blogger. And I’m seriously scratching my head. Because you guys already see well beyond the Fancy Front that most of my friends, family and colleagues. I already share practically everything with you. Like pouring urine on my kitchen floor, finding oranges in my hoover closet and practically all my Fancy Therapy sessions. But if I must dig deep…

Seven Fancy Things You Didn’t Know About Frau Fancy

  • Fancy once flew across an ocean for sex. That sounds really dirty, but we were on a Clomid cycle and it had to be done. It wasn’t really very dirty. More perfunctory. Dinner after was really more of a highlight.
  • I know you already know this, but for those who don’t: Fancy loves Donny Osmond. He’s just one of the most talented entertainers ever born. Like a white Michael Jackson who didn’t become crazy. And with a voice like an angel.
  • Fancy here can recite—off the top of her head—the numbers to 3 credit cards, including expiration and security code. Comes in handy both when paying for something over the phone/on the Internet or when H steals my wallet (for what purpose I ask?!) and doesn’t put it back, leaving us in an awkward position when the bill comes.
  • I hate Winnie the Pooh. Because when Fancy was 4, she was invited to go see Donny and Marie and her parents said no. As a consolation prize my father took me to the movies and guess what was playing? And ever since then I can’t help but think of Winnie as the big dumb yellow bear who robbed me of my first face-to-face with The Donster. Thank goodness I grew up and can now afford to fly wherever whenever to catch a concert.
  • I’ve broken 4 bones in my lifetime (thus far anyway): foot, elbow, shoulder blade and rib. That is an odd combination of fractures and none of them occurred at the same time. The most exciting tale involved a staircase in South America. The most boring happened when I just lost my balance and fell over. Literally just fell down. So UnFancy.
  • Domestic Diva recently posted an awesome story about her exploding bra. Fancy here once spotted the insert to her Wonderbra on the dance floor of a bar. Oops. But I’m guessing that everyone mistook my breast reshaping for just another Fancy dance move. Because I’m that good.
  • Fancy here apparently has “two of the most challenging” eyebrows on Planet Earth. If I don’t forewarn the beautician it’s almost a guarantee that 5 minutes into the shaping I hear a soft breath and then a quiet “Oh.” So I have to be careful about who gets near my face with tweezers/wax/thread. Otherwise I look sort of sad yet surprised. It’s just my curse.

Thank you for your interest and for my lovely awards. And somehow this week a little milestone was reached. I'm now officially a blog with over a hundred followers. Wow. Wow. 



  1. Congratulations on the (well deserved) awards AND reaching and passing the hundred follower milestone!

    I have problems with my eyebrows too, they just aren't the same shape to start with and it's almost impossible to get them to look the same hence the fringe.

  2. Love those facts. I can do the credit card thing too, but only with two cards. I stand in awe of you for being able to do it with 3 cards.

    It has nothing to do with my internet shopping habit. nothing, I tell you.

  3. We two are in the 100 club! Cool. I'll buy you a complimentary drink at the CyberWarrior Conference (I am generosity itself) when I shall try not to be obviously staring at your eyebrows..

  4. You know I love you, Fancy. Even with funny-shaped eyebrows. Mine are permanently furrowed. Glad you enjoyed your award - I loved giving it to you! Now let's see if this comment sticks....

  5. Well the 3 cards thing is a necessary result of both US and UK cards you see. Must be able to buy my way free in either country...:-)

  6. Hiding my brows gone wrong under fringe would be like covering a cow in my living room with a turkish rug and thinking H wouldn't notice...

  7. oh dear, laughed at the sad yet surprised - can sort of picture it. at least you bother to get them done in the first place....

  8. White non crazy Michael Jackson. LMFAO

  9. Love your list. At least it wasn't a chicken fillet that landed on the dance floor.