Friday, 29 April 2011

Fancy Barbeques

I bet there are a few of you who wonder about the Fancy Home. What's it look like? Maid's staircase? Is there a garden? Terrace? Does it have its own helipad?

Well, no to the maid's entrance. I let my help use the front door and my main stairs. I'm that nice. And yes to garden and terrace. Times 4. No to the helipad, however, although we don't use the roof terrace that much so I suppose...

Anyway, what I'd like to show you today is my barbeque. April is Tara's Gallery theme this week and for once, I want to be on the front half of this wave. April at the Fancy Home? It's the month when we can finally grill and eat on the terrace, as opposed to sending H out there in a raincoat and wellies, thrusting a meat thermometer through the blinding snow in his direction. April means the days are longer, the weather is a little warmer and our dinner parties can, if the London skies cooperate, move outside. Where pigeons can clean up after us and not the housekeeper.

Of course, now you're wondering what kind of grill we have. Yes, that's a photo of the Fire Magic Echelon series grill. We had it shipped from the States. It has a rotisserie spit, 3 burners, a smoker tray and a side burner to keep my sauces warm. There is a meat thermometer built in and it's tall enough to stand a turkey upright. It also gives foot massages and makes surprisingly good attempts at foreplay. Okay, just kidding on the last bit. Although a properly cooked steak is a decent warm up to a bit of lovin, don't you think?

I'll let you Google the price. It's embarrassing. But properly cooked meat is a true priority around here.

Anyhoo, there you have it. April at the Fancies.


  1. Got to say, I love my gas braai. 5 minutes from cold to cooking, not like this old-school charcoal stuff. But that's a beast to dream after! Going to put one of those on my Christmas list, see if anyone bites!

  2. we loved our gas bbq when we first bought one about 27 years ago - we were trail blazers don't you know! However it gave up and died on us 8 years ago just half an hour before our 12 guests arrived for a slap up bbq and we've never replaced it, so neanderthal charcoal bbq in oldermum's garden now. Boo.

  3. Does H do the grilling? Because I know you won't soil your fancy fingers.

  4. We've got a fire pit in a field.... you win.... Again.

    (Mind you, the cows are in the next field..... that's what I call fresh beef)

  5. I love a good BBQ but I'm terribly unfancy as I don't even own one and I tend to cook on disposable ones *hides head in shame* I'm sure I have gone down in your expectations!