Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fancy Introductions Week 2!

Yep, you read that right. That Molly is still on vacation. Mother's Always Right apparently knows how to live. Personally, I travel with 2 iPhones, at least one laptop and a dongle (in case I'm ever without a hotspot), so I would never let a little thing like vacation tear me away from you, but then that's me. Plugged in. 24-7. Never a break when you're Fancy. Did you know they have Internet in Tahiti? Yes, they do. Anyhoo.

This morning I've sent the children to the library with the Nanny (because that sounds like an educational activity, don't you think?) and I'm sitting down to send out another call for some new faces. I still have quite a list from the last go-round, but nothing would make me happier than to present Miss Molly with a thousand leftover names to deal with. It would be like cooking for 12 on a Saturday night and leaving all the dishes for the Housekeeper, no?

So, to the point, if you've not been paying attention. Introducing is a chance to present 3 new-to-me blogs that I think are funny or interesting. They can be moving or educational. Or they can just feature hot young men in their undies. Give me a shout here or email me at FrauFancyPants@gmail.com and I'll sort through the list. On Thursday, I'll bring you this week's introductions.

And I'm sorry, it's really only 3 that I'm allowed to present with a Fancy Introduction. But maybe, just maybe, I'll think about listing all the rest of you who responded as well? Because I'm finding some great sites out there and it's probably selfish to keep it all to myself, isn't it? It's not a bottle of wine, after all.


  1. I vote for you introducing the sites featuring hot young men in their undies. Also, what? You're not sharing the wine??

  2. Hi nice to meet you, came through Trish or was it Expat Mum (sorry jet-lagged) Love the sign, Im heading down to the beach to write one of my own. Could you please send you nanny over to Ohope beach New Zealand to take my kids to the library too - much needed! Have a fab one!