Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Fancy Introduction

Well, well. I’ve seen some shameless brown-nosing in my day (and that would have been me, in school, wrenching my nose from every teacher’s arse) but seriously. In fact, some of you even admit it. And I quote:

I'm new, I'm new!! Love your blog by the way ( shameless sucking up :-P )

Here I thought I was just accomplishing 2 goals: 1) to help Molly enjoy her holiday and 2) to see what it felt like to actually do the work and not just watch someone else mop the floors and scour the tub. But I didn’t count on number 3: THE LOVE! Fancy feels it and it makes her happy. Even if it was all in the name of your own self-promotion.

Anyhoo, must whittle down those intros for this week, musn’t I. If you don’t know, Mother’s Always Right has started a wonderful weekly post called Introducing where 3 new-ish blogs can get a shout out. Since she’s on vacation, Frau Fancy here decided to help out. So, without further ado…

Fat Mummy. There’s two things that can happen to a woman after she gives birth: she either expands or contracts from the sheer stress of it all. This is just another reason why outsourcing the birth of your children is a good idea. Unfortunately for Fat Mummy, her journey to motherhood didn’t end in a celery and carrot addiction. 2 children and 4 stone later, she’s had enough. She’s going public this time because that weight is coming off. Even if she has to learn that “all you can eat” on any diet is a lie and that two crème eggs and 3 ciders a day, will in fact cause you to lose weight if that is all you eat. I feel her pain, being a Fancy Wife, and she makes me laugh. So I’m pulling out my pompoms and am going to stand right there on the sidelines, cheering her on. Soon she’s going to be Phat Mummy! Yeah!

Then there is Moomser. I’m sort of floored by this woman. She comes to my blog and makes loyal comments and seems to find real humour in my Fancy Ridiculousness. And so I go for a visit and find out that when she’s not blowing sunshine up my Fancy Ass, shes’ making lunches and dinners to take to the hospital for her husband who is fighting leukemia. Oh come on. Moomser. You make me feel this big (I’m holding my hand really low. Picture it.) You are funny. You write well. You hold your head high and do what needs to be done during a dark time. And you still find time to laugh. I am humbled by your presence.

Now unfortunately I must close my list off this week at 3. Don’t yell! Those are Molly’s rules. So who gets to join a group that includes battling cancer or dropping major poundage? Yeah, that would be Mummy Mummy Mum! Because, that’s right, it was her that so shamelessly licked my feet. But not just that. The girl made me snort diet Coke through my nose. And that’s worth something. Okay, put down your soda and read what she posted: Riding along with her 4 year-old, she answers the question “what are those birds doing, Mummy?” with a standard Mum answer: “Watching the trains? No? Um, having a rest?”

Her young darling’s reply: “NO MUMMY, they are watching TV. YOU are always wrong. You don't know anything do you? I am always right, I know everything.”

Frankly, I like that kid’s style.

So please please go drop these gals a visit and tell them where you found them. I can’t thank those of you who got me started enough so I am honoured to be able to share a little of the blogging world love with some fellow newishbees. Those of you who didn't make the cut, don't fret. You're still on the ever-growing list so stay tuned!


  1. Thanks Fancy - always nice to find new blogs and I agree that Moomser is absolutely amazing...

  2. Thanks Fancy! You always make me laugh. even at my own post :-)

  3. Molly allowed to take the day off??? Bah.

    Thanks for the reccies, I'm off to check them out now. Lovely to stumble back onto your blog after some time away - always some good jokes here (just had a howl at your twitter post too).

  4. Dear Fancy, indeed my presence is humbling, oh and my voice stentorian, and my brow high. ;-)
    Thanks for the shout out, I'm honored and touched.

  5. In an effort to worm my way into your good books Frau Fancy I have an award waiting for you on my page

    I love discovering new blogs and these ones look fab!

  6. stumbled upon your blog - giving new bloggers a shout-out is such a fab thing to do - look forward to reading!

  7. Great way to flag up some new blogs - excellent work m'lady. Could I trouble you to contact me with your email address - I have a fancy favour to ask of you. You can DM me on twitter @hotcrossmum
    Thank you and toodle pip.

  8. What!!! You didn't pick me. Sigh, maybe next time.